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Posted on March 30, 2011

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Gallery Access Instructions

Click the link on the left marked “View Your Previews” and follow the instructions you find there. You will need an access code to view your gallery.

Please feel free to share your access to the gallery with friends and family.

Additional Notes:

Early Bird Discount:
Orders placed before the expiration of the Early Bird Discount will receive a 15% discount. The discount expiration date will be posted at the top of your gallery.

Completed portraits will be delivered to your school for distribution one week after your gallery’s expiration date.

Your online gallery offers three different products to chose from:

1. Individual & Group Prints: Printed on professional Kodak paper. You may select an individual image or a discounted packages of images.

2. Digital Image Downloads: One of our most popular products is the ability to purchaseDigital Image Downloads which you may print from freely. Once you have made your purchase, you will be presented with a link allowing you to download your watermark free portrait. Digital Image Downloads are not available for group portraits. DO NOT PURCHASE A DIGITAL IMAGE DOWNLOAD OF A MEMORY MATE, AS YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE A DOWNLOAD OF THE MEMORY MATE TEMPLATE.

3. Memory Mates and Friend Memory Mates: First, what are Memory Mates? A Memory Mate is a predesigned image containing graphics which contains an opening to insert an image of your choice. Some Memory Mates allow the addition of a single image, and others multiple. On the Memory Mates containing multiple image openings feel free to add an image of yourself or of one of your class mates, hence the name Friend Memory Mates.

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How to order a discounted package or a Memory Mate:

Select an image. To the right of the image click Package Discounts. Select an option to see its contents. Click “Add to cart with current image”.

If your package contains the ability to select multiple images, you will only see button called “Add to cart”. Click this button, and then notice a new section called”Add Current Image To Package”. Navigate to each image you would like to add to your package and click the “Add current image” button. When checking out, add any additional instructions you see fit.

When ordering a Memory Mate of any kind, you must make select the Memory Mate as one of your image selections for your package. For example, if you order a Memory Mate with a single image opening, you must add both the Memory Mate and the image you wish to have inserted into your Memory Mate.

One Last Note:
When viewing your images online, you may notice that the photographer has left a large amount of space around the subject. This was done to ensure that enough room exists to create any size photograph that may be ordered.

That’s it then. If you have questions, please leave them in the comment field below so others can benefit.

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