Primrose School at Crossroads Park Spring Shoot 2011

Posted on March 28, 2011

To the parents of Primrose School at Crossroads Park,

My name is Aric Hoek, and I too am a Primrose Parent, and our twins Gavin and Katie currently attend Primrose School at Crossroads Park as well. On April 5th and 6th I have the privilege of creating the Spring portraits for the the school. This blog post is to educate the parents as to what the portraits will look like, what I feel the best clothing options will be, and to introduce you to our new online ordering system.

My goal is is to create the best portraits I can, and to provide a great value.

People who choose to order their images online before April 14th will receive an early bird special of 15% off their order. This discount is only applied to online orders. Orders can still be placed through the order forms which will be distributed at the school.

Additionally, you will not be able to order light retouching options on your order… as we will be retouching each order for FREE. Scratches and or bruises will be digitally removed. Distractive stray hair will be reduced or removed at no charge.

School portraiture is a new direction for my company, and I want to put my money where my mouth is. I care deeply about the portraits I deliver to my clients, and I hope to bridge the gap between fine photographic portraiture and school portraiture.

Here’s a sneak peak of the portrait that will be created.

Houston Family Portrait Photographer

Houston Family Portrait Photographer

As you can see I have added some stone animals and a mushroom to the foreground of the image, and I feel their colors match the background nicely. I have added some flowers to the foreground to match the color of the background as well. The container of the flowers is also brown to help match the animals and the background. The white wicker chair then becomes the brightest object in the image drawing your eye into the center of the image and the kids.

Because the chair is white, I would recommend that your children wear white as well so they do not compete with the chair.

I think blue jeans work well for the legs. Wearing shorts might be fine, but I like the contrast that is created by the blue jeans over the white chair. Jeans might also cover up any scrapes or bruises on your child’s legs. There is also a small hint of blue in the background, which I feel ties in to the jeans.

I feel that you can dress your child in either a casual or formal attire for this shoot. As you can see, I chose to photograph my kids in a more casual choice of clothes, but this was just my own personal choice.

Online Gallery Access:
Each child’s portrait will have it’s own private online gallery. This gallery will be password protected, and you will receive your password and access instructions from the school once your child’s portrait/s is ready for viewing and ordering.

New Product:
With online ordering only, it will be possible to purchase a digital file of your child’s portrait which you may print from freely. We anticipate this to be our most popular product with parents.

Digital files will be delivered immediately. A download of your digital portrait will begin once you complete your purchase.

Comments Are Welcome:
Parents, please feel free to leave a comment or question in the comments section of this blog post, or you may contact he studio directly. 281-477-7222

Thank you.

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