Why You Need a Professional Wedding Photographer

Posted on January 12, 2015
Houston Wedding Photographer

As a professional wedding photographer I am always looking to combine many elements of a wedding into one photograph. Here I have combined the bride’s shoes, a broach, a graphic wall as a background, an placed them all on a highly reflective piano top.

Planning a wedding involves months of decisions and discussions. During the planning you’re envisioning how all the details will come together, what it will be like to stand in front of your loved ones as a married couple, and the memories that will be made at the reception as you celebrate your union. After months of preparation, it’s all over in one day. The flowers will dry, the dress will be boxed up, and besides the ring on your finger, what else do you have to look at to remember the moments of your wedding day? You have your photographs. The photos of your special occasion will preserve the sights and feelings of the day to be relived each time you look at them. With the photos being a long-lasting memento of your day, it places that much more importance on your search for Houston wedding photographers.


Many couples look for ways to save money as they plan a wedding. So, you might ask if you need to hire a professional photographer. Perhaps you have a friend or family member that’s an amateur photographer that has offered to photograph the wedding. While it’s a thoughtful gesture, there are some things you will want to hire a professional for, and a photographer is one of those.


Houston Wedding Photographers

A professional wedding photographer is not going to feel bound to their seat during your ceremony. Instead, they can move about looking for unique angles that better tell the story of your wedding day.

To begin with, when you hire a professional, they are under contract to work for you. This means they are committing their time and their talents to your special day. They also may have a second photographer that will join them to shoot additional photos, or as a backup in case of an emergency. Using an amateur family member or friend can create unforeseen and stressful situations. They may cancel last minute, or if things don’t work out well, it can strain your personal relationship. Also, it may be harder for them to capture a variety of photos if they are torn between enjoying the wedding and visiting as well as tasked with taking photos. With a professional, you can openly share your wishes because they are used to receiving feedback and are there to ensure you’re satisfied.  You know their time at your wedding will be spent looking for photo worthy moments.


Houston Wedding Photographer

Hiring a professional wedding photographer means someone brining all the right equipment, with the education to use that equipment.

A professional photographer will also have the equipment and tools to create images that reflect your style and personality as a couple. As you meet with Houston wedding photographers and see examples of their work, you’ll see how much lighting can affect the mood and look of a photo.  Having the right equipment as well as a familiarity with the light variances throughout the day, your professional photographer will capture quality images. An amateur may be able to take great photographs, but because of experience, a professional will be able to easily change equipment as needed and maneuver easily through a crowded setting like a wedding.


Professional wedding photographers have an intimate knowledge of the events of a wedding. Your photographer will be able to anticipate where they are needed so you don’t need to worry about the details of where or when to take photos. You’ll find that they have a wealth of knowledge on the proper photography etiquette for different places of worship, other wedding vendors, unique places to take photos, and what iconic moments of the day to immortalize.


As well as having experience with wedding events, your professional wedding photographer can handle large groups of people with ease. When you have a photographer that is comfortable and confident, it relaxes the wedding party and guests and this will show in the pictures.  Your photographer will know how to bring interesting composition to your photos with unique ideas of posed shots of you and your spouse and any group shots.


Houston Wedding PhotographerBeing comfortable around people is essential in being able to capture the candid moments. Not only will your professional photographer be able to anticipate these moments, but with their skill they also will capture the nuances that bring the mood of the moment to the photo. The moment that captures the look of awe when the groom first sees his bride, the moment the father of the bride’s eyes tear up when he takes his daughter to the dance floor, the moment the groom and bride steal a kiss when they think they’re alone. These are the moments that create a kick in the heart, a swell of emotion. With the right photographer, you’ll have these images preserved for a lifetime.


Once your wedding day is over, many Huston wedding photographers offer a wedding album as part of their packages. Couples tend to think that creating their own album is another way they can save money. However, most couples don’t end up putting the album together, and the photos stay on a disk or in a proof album. Also, places that offer online photo printing aren’t equipped to print professional prints, so the resolution and color may be altered.


Houston Wedding PhotographerInvest in having your wedding album created by your photographer. Not only will the quality of the images be preserved, but they can also sit with you and help you narrow down your choices. There will be hundreds of images from the wedding and that can be overwhelming. As you go through them, the photographer can use their expertise to help you find the photos that look the best and then arrange them to tell a beautiful picture story of your wedding day.


It’s a small price to pay for the album that you and your spouse will look at years from now to be reminded of the love and joy on the day you created your union.

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