"The second best man at your wedding."

Houston Wedding Photographer Aric C. Hoek BFA, CPP

Twice awarded Houston Photographer of The Year.
Houston Wedding Photographer
“I want the images from your wedding to make your eyes open wide and your jaw drop to the floor as you gasp in delight. I want the portraits and images I deliver to give you both enjoyment for generations to come. I want your images to transcend the simple pieces of paper they are printed on.

You’ll shine!”

Aric C. Hoek BFA, CPP
Houston Wedding Photographer
The second best man at your wedding.
Houston Wedding PhotographersHouston Wedding Photographers

Houston Wedding Photographers

Houston Wedding Photographers. How to choose the right one?

There’s a long list of Houston Wedding Photographers to choose from. And Wedding Photographers in Hosuton offer so many styles to choose from. This single decision will determine how you remember one of the most important days of your lives together, and the clock is ticking. You have little time to decide, and you need to learn as much as you can.

What should you look for in a wedding photographer? How do you make your decision?

Here’s a 6-step strategy I’ve created to help newly engaged couples clear the confusion, narrow down their lists and finally make contact.

1. Start your research ASAP.

Houston wedding photographers are individuals, and they can only be at one place at a time. Once an engaged couple has booked a photographer, the photographer is contractually obligated and will no longer entertain future requests for the same date. The same could be said for a popular band you may want to reserve for your reception.

2. How to decide on a style.

Houston Wedding PhotographerVisit the first 40 pages google lists for you when you search for “Houston Wedding Photographer”, or for photographers in your area. Just because a wedding photographer’s site is not on the first page of Google doesn’t mean their work is inferior to others.

Make this first part simple and fun. Just look at the home pages of the sites you visit. Which one hits home with you? Which one touches you the most? Try not to think of cost at this point, but simply begin to make your list of top 15 or so favorites. You can go more in-depth into the sites later once you begin to narrow things down.

3. Look for Experience.

Begin to narrow your list down by looking at the amount of experience the photographer has.

If you were going into heart surgery, you wouldn’t want to hire a doctor who would be performing heart surgery for the first time.

How many years has the individual been a professional photographer? Is this something the person does every day of the week, or just something they do on the weekends?

Is the company employing many different photographers, or is their only one primary photographer and his/her team?

Think of experience in other aspects as well. Large weddings and small weddings? Are they just local, or are they experienced enough to travel?

Have they photographed at your facility before?

Find a search field on their blog or site and search for the name of your wedding facility and see what comes up. Search for the words Bridal Portrait or Engagement Portrait as well to find examples. Search for the words Wedding Album and review some of their wedding album designs.

Is there an archive of their blog on their site? This may give some additional insight into years of experience.

Look for a link on the photographer’s site called “View Your Wedding”, or something along those lines. How many years of weddings you find posted may be a good indicator of experience. This should also show you a clearer picture of what you will receive, as more than likely only the photographer’s best work is on their homepage. Also, make sure to look at the most recent wedding posted, as a photographer is only as good as his/her last image.

4. Find Passion.

Don’t just look for the artists passion in their work. Search for answers to these questions as well.

Are they part of any professional organizations? Have they sat on the board?
What awards have they won?
What are their goals for continuing education?
Are they an expert in their field? Have they written any books or been published?

5. Search the BBB

Searching the BBB before making a large purchase with a company is always a good idea.

6. Do not call! Submit a contact form instead.

Houston Wedding PhotographerYou should have now narrowed down your list to your top 7-10 choices.

Now, contact all of them at the same time using the contact form located on their website and time how long it takes for each photographer to get back to you. This might give you a good idea as to how responsive the photographer will be to your future concerns. You will most certainly have additional questions for the wedding vendors you reserved, and you will need those questions answered quickly as your event date approaches. Having to wait for a question or concern to be addressed may add additional stress and delays in your planning.

Be selective in what you write in the Notes Field of the contact form. If you truly want a response, simply writing “Pricing and Packages please” will not create a strong desire for the photographer to work with you.

In Conclusion

Houston wedding photographers prices is of course also a concern, but in no way should it be the only thing you consider when researching.

Wedding magazines and the like all provide a list of basic questions to ask your prospective photographer, most of which can be answered by reading the photographer’s FAQ page on their website. If you want to find a passionate, experienced artists as your wedding photographer, then you need to ask the right questions.

Houston Wedding PhotographerYou want your wedding images to make your eyes open wide and your jaw drop to the floor as you gasp in delight. The photographs you have printed from your wedding should transcend the simple pieces of paper they are printed on. Results like these will be determined by locating and selecting the right wedding photographer.

Begin your research now and have fun! Happy hunting and congratulations on your engagement.

Want To Learn Even More?

If you are interested in learning things you can do at your wedding to ensure your photographs look their best, then allow me to suggest you download my free eBook, The Bride’s Path to Perfect Wedding Photography. It’s filled with great tips you would never think of.

OR, read this blog entry with 23 Wedding Photography Tips.

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Houston Wedding Photographer
Twice awarded Houston Photographer of The Year.
“The second best man at your wedding.”
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